Mitchell & Sheahan, PC makes strenuous efforts to safeguard all personal and confidential information which comes into its possession against improper disclosure to, or misuse by, third parties.

Our attorneys and staff will:

  • Comply with all applicable laws and ethical rules regulating the disclosure of sensitive information, the attorney-client relationship, and privileged communications.
  • Use sensitive information only within the scope of our business and client matters.
  • Use and disclose Social Security numbers only as permitted by applicable law.
  • Protect the confidentiality of Social Security numbers in our possession, and prohibit their unlawful disclosure.
  • Maintain our computer systems, paper files, office in as secure a fashion as is reasonably possible and will destroy, shred, erase, or make unreadable personal data contained in documents and computer files before we dispose of them.

Our attorneys and staff will NOT:

  • Share or collect employee personal data, except as permitted by applicable law.
  • Share or collect personal data of other persons, except as appropriate to represent our clients, to carry out their directives, and to communicate with them and interested persons in accordance with applicable law.
  • Sell or rent anyone’s personal data to third parties.

Our primary AREAS of practice include: