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Listen to Attorney Gary Phelan during an interview on WICC 600 AM radio about the world of college sports and unions. A group of students at Northwestern University sought the right to form a union, and won. Learn how this came about and understand the reasoning behind the decision.
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Attorney Gary Phelan discusses the ruling from a regional director of the NLRB related to college atheletes on scholarship. Are they employees or could they have union representation?
Click here to listen to the interview featured on WATR-AM.

Attorney Robert Mitchell discusses overtime for salaried workers.
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STRATFORD, CT, April 29, 2014 – Mitchell and Sheahan, PC, a law firm widely recognized for its handling of employment law matters, today announced that it has expanded into Stamford
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March 2014 Newsletter (pdf)
Wellness Plans, Health-risk Assessments, and the ADA: A Ticking Time Bomb
(by Attorney Gary Phelan)


Employment Law Boutique Firm Makes Strategic Move To Fairfield County
by Jay Stapleton, The Connecticut Law Tribune, June 10, 2014

Pregnancy-Related Conditions May Be Covered By ADA
by Attorney Gary Phelan, featured in the January 27, 2014 edition of the Connecticut Law Tribune.

Government Takes Aim At Power of Persuasion
by Attorney Robert Mitchell, featured in the January 27, 2014 edition of the Connecticut Law Tribune.


March 2012 Newsletter (pdf)

  • Arbitrating Employment Claims: Can You? Should You?

September 2011 Newsletter (pdf)

  • The National Labor Relations Board Now Appearing in Your Non-Union Shop?
  • Ours is the First State in the Union to Mandate Paid Sick Leave!

June 2011 Newsletter (pdf)

  • Family Violence Issues for Connecticut Employers
  • The NLRB Raises New Issues for the Non-Union Employer

April 2011 Newsletter (pdf)

  • The "CAT'S PAW" Case and Why You Should Care
  • Retaliation Complaints From a New Direction
  • Independent Contractor Development

February 2011 Newsletter (pdf)

  • GOTCHA! FMLA Compliance Is More Complicated Than You Think
  • Age Discrimination Plaintiffs May Have Advantages Under State Law

November 2010 Newsletter (pdf)

  • I-9 Forms: A Little Task With a Big Impact
  • Employee Interviews

September 2010 Newsletter (pdf)

  • A Few Pointers on the Employment Application
  • Part-Time Employees

August 2010 Newsletter (pdf)

  • Ten FMLA Myths Your Employees Probably Believe

July 2010 Newsletter (pdf)

  • The Supreme Court's "Sexting" Decision
  • The Hiring Process - Background Checks

June 2010 Newsletter (pdf)

  • COBRA: Connecticut's New, Long Length and The Continuing, Confusing Saga of Subsidies; More Notice Obligations Arise
  • A Piece of Practical Advice (Employment-at-Will)
  • The National Labor Relations Act - A Forgotten Remedy for the Individual Employee


A Revitalized NLRB Flexes Its Muscles.pdf

Age Discrimination Plaintiffs May Prefer State Law

Well known firm downsizes...

Employee Medical Information (PDF)


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Connecticut Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities

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U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

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