The first myth about unions is that they are dead. This is just not true. The second myth is that they are only interested in organizing big company workforces. Again, not true. Many small and medium-sized employers brush off unions as something that they do not have to worry about. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Big business or small, if you have employees who get paid, organized labor wants to join you.

Every business must be aware of the possibility that a union organizer might come knocking on the door. Every responsible employer needs to take this possibility into account as personnel decisions are made and policies are designed, reviewed and enforced. We have years of experience in addressing these concerns: reviewing company policies and practices to see how they might impact an employer’s desire to remain non-union; advising employers on how to keep the union out. When a union actively targets a business’s workers, we have the expertise to advise the small to medium-sized employer on how to resist the union’s organizing effort. 

For employers trying to manage an already unionized workforce, we have the experience to give advice and counsel on the issues inherent in that environment: bargaining the union contract, addressing grievance-arbitration issues and assisting in resolving the myriad federal and state administrative questions that arise in a private or public sector collective bargaining environment.

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