Today’s workplace is filled with often complementary and sometimes competing desires and demands. Employers want an efficient and orderly environment in which they can conduct business profitably. Employees are looking for monetary rewards as well as the chance to reach their own potential and feel that their efforts are meaningful and appreciated. Employers want to avoid jobsite controversy, regulatory compliance errors and litigation. Employees want to know that their rights are respected. With over 100 years of combined experience as employment lawyers, addressing workplace issues, we offer help to both employers and individual employees trying to protect those interests. We provide legal counsel for both parties throughout Fairfield, Norwalk, New Haven, Stamford, Westport, CT and the surrounding communities.

Services for Employers
For employers, we provide advice on every aspect of the employment relationship, including:

(1) personnel policies;
(2) employee handbooks;
(3) recruiting practices;
(4) hiring, non-competition, confidentiality, severance and other employment-related agreements;
(5) wage and hour and other compensation issues;
(6) non-discrimination and affirmative action obligations;
(7) FMLA rules and practices;
(8) USERRA veterans’ rights;
(9) force reduction, disciplinary and other termination scenarios;
(10) internal sex harassment and other claims.

When a dispute is taken to an administrative agency or goes to court, we rely on our years of trial practice experience to give our employer clients the strongest possible defense from the claim’s inception through litigation, trial and, if necessary, an appeal. In providing these services we are always focused on our client’s business interests and goals. As a small business ourselves, we are sensitive to the special needs and challenges faced by the small to medium-sized enterprise. 

Services for Individuals
Individual employees often have their own need for legal advice and representation. We advise individual clients on hire, non-compete, confidentiality and severance contracts. They consult with us about their rights and obligations under proposed or already existing agreements as well as issues that arise through the wage and hour, civil rights and other employment statutes and the common law. We take individual employment claims into litigation and to trial or arbitration when no other equitable resolution can be achieved. In every instance our central concern is our client’s best interests and personal goals in pursuing their case.

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