Monthly Archives: February 2018

Feb 26 2018

Confidentiality Provisions in Sex Harassment Settlements

By: Margaret Sheahan

Posted in: Workplace Harassment

Since reports of hideous misbehavior by film producer Harvey Weinstein started dominating headlines last Fall, virtually every industry has been affected by the avalanche of attention currently given to sexual harassment in the workplace.  So... Read Article

Feb 22 2018

Mary Poppins and the FLSA

By: Reese Mitchell

Posted in: Fair Labor Standards Act

One of the all-time great movies is Disney’s Mary Poppins. In the film, Julie Andrews plays the title character Mary Poppins, a nanny living with the dysfunctional Banks family in London, England. Mary Poppins’ job is to watch over the Ba... Read Article

Feb 16 2018

Parental Leave Policies: Mothers and Fathers Must Be Treated Equally

By: Jessica Slippen

Posted in: Workplace Harassment

As more and more women choose to continue their careers while raising children, and the increasing costs of living require dual income households, many employers now offer paid parental leave and flexible work arrangements.  This is a move that ... Read Article

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