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Jun 20 2018

State Legislature fails to pass the “Largest Overhaul in Modern Connecticut History of Sexual Harassment Laws”

By: Maria Garcia-Quintner

Posted in: Workplace Harassment

In March 2018, my colleague Jessica Slippen addressed the Connecticut Legislature’s effort to overhaul the state sex harassment and sex assault laws, in response to the “me too”  and “times up” movements.  Stat... Read Article

Apr 19 2018

Maritime Law Could Provide Recovery for Workplace Harassment at Sea

By: Reese Mitchell

Posted in: Workplace Harassment

Working at sea is dangerous. It is an environment where injuries can occur in seconds. Because of this danger, individual seamen attached to a ship’s crew have access to specific legal remedies for injuries. These include maintenance, cure, and... Read Article

Mar 22 2018

The Times They Are A-Changin’: CT Lawmakers Propose Overhaul of State Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault Laws

By: Jessica Slippen

Posted in: Workplace Harassment

There is no question that in the wake of the recent scandals in Hollywood and corporate America, as well as the evolution of the ‘me too’ movement, the issue of sexual harassment and sexual assault in the workplace has come to the forefro... Read Article

Feb 26 2018

Confidentiality Provisions in Sex Harassment Settlements

By: Margaret Sheahan

Posted in: Workplace Harassment

Since reports of hideous misbehavior by film producer Harvey Weinstein started dominating headlines last Fall, virtually every industry has been affected by the avalanche of attention currently given to sexual harassment in the workplace.  So... Read Article

Feb 16 2018

Parental Leave Policies: Mothers and Fathers Must Be Treated Equally

By: Jessica Slippen

Posted in: Workplace Harassment

As more and more women choose to continue their careers while raising children, and the increasing costs of living require dual income households, many employers now offer paid parental leave and flexible work arrangements.  This is a move that ... Read Article

Jan 09 2018

Timing Is Everything: EEOC Offers Guidance for Employers to Prevent Harassment in the Workplace

By: Jessica Slippen

Posted in: Workplace Harassment

The recent media spotlight on sexual harassment in the workplace has employers on edge.  Employers are responsible for providing their employees with a work environment that does not discriminate and is free of harassment.  When faced with ... Read Article

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