Jan 10 2018

Employers Must Provide Existing Employees with Written Notice of Rights under Expanded Pregnancy Discrimination Act by January 28, 2018

By: Maria Garcia-Quintner

Posted in: Pregnancy Protection Act


In October 2017, my colleague Reese Mitchell published an article summarizing Connecticut’s expansion of protections of pregnant employees through the passage of "An Act Concerning Pregnant Women in the Workplace”, which for the most part when into effect October 1, 2017.  Click here for full article.

The Act requires that employers provide written notice to its existing employees of their right to be free from pregnancy discrimination, within 120 days after October 1, 2017, in other words by January 28, 2018.  For employers that have not yet done so, the deadline is fast approaching. Employers can comply with this requirement by displaying a poster setting forth the employee’s rights in a conspicuous place that is accessible to all employees. The Connecticut State Department of Labor has created a Notice poster in English and Spanish that can be used by employers to satisfy the new notice obligation.  

In addition to requiring notice to existing employees of their right to be free from pregnancy discrimination, the Act also requires Connecticut employers to provide notice (1) to new employees at the time they commence employment, and (2) to any employee who notifies the employer of her pregnancy within ten days of receiving such notification.

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