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To small and medium-sized businesses, as well as public entities, we offer affordable labor and employment law representation. Workplace issues are often left unaddressed in smaller companies for budgetary reasons. However, the regulation of employment relationships by legislation and through court-made law has been growing steadily for decades with no end in sight. Just as labor costs are generally among a business's or municipality’s largest expenses, liabilities arising from noncompliance with labor and employment laws are among its most significant risks.

Mitchell & Sheahan, P.C. provides comprehensive, practical guidance on managing these issues with a close eye on how best and most economically to utilize the employer’s available resources. Conducting internal harassment or disciplinary investigations, responding to employee workplace misconduct complaints, answering and defending against discrimination or illegal pay practice allegations, addressing the myriad issues that arise in or dealing with a union-organized labor force are all examples of the kinds of services that Bob Mitchell and Peg Sheahan have provided to businesses and public entities throughout their careers.

For individuals, we have a depth of practical experience and a breadth of legal knowledge that enables us to provide valuable advice on issues arising before, during and after an employment relationship. Initial hire agreements, severance packages and interim employment contract modifications are all matters that we have repeatedly addressed in the past. Gary Phelan has devoted his career to this work. We are dedicated to ensuring that our individual clients’ workplace rights are honored and protected at every stage of their working lives and we are prepared to advise them about addressing sexual harassment, wrongful termination, illegal pay practice, illegal discrimination and other employment questions.

Litigation requires skilled advocacy that goes beyond just knowing why the client’s position is right. It means knowing how to make a judge and jury see that too. Mitchell & Sheahan, P.C. offers litigants this capability. Its principals’ extensive experience includes a wide variety of civil litigations in many different tribunals. For our employer and employee clients, the general public and small non-trial oriented law firms, we offer litigation and courtroom trial services in labor, employment, commercial and other general civil matters.


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